The Little Monster Rocket!

The quest to build a minature high-technology rocket capable of orbital velocity... and beyond!  Using innovative technology and novel approaches, this tiny yet powerful machine aims to change the way we think of rocket propulsion systems.


06/15/2010 23:12

The Numbers Game of the N-Prize, Quick and Dirty Feasibility Overview/Simulator, and a $1000 Challenge!

Those of you who’ve read my earlier blog entry “Overview of the LMR N-Prize Approach”  ( might be interested in the...


05/23/2010 16:09

Development Plans

Regarding my earlier blog entry on the LMR overview  ("Overview of the LMR N-Prize Approach,", I thought I would briefly...


05/23/2010 10:05

Overview of the LMR N-Prize Approach

The approach we're taking is one based on my personal experience and research; it's not the only way to accomplish the N-Prize, but in my opinion it is the most straightforward, most expedient, and...


11/03/2008 16:13

Is the N-Prize Possible?

It has has been discussed on both the Space Fellowship site and even the N-Prize Forum that the N-Prize is somehow “impossible.”  This is false.   First, we must acknowledge historically...


10/16/2008 22:16

The Little Monster Rocket





$1000 Challenge In Progress... 6-15-2010

QNDLS now available... 6-15-2010

FAQ (minor update)...  05-21-2010

LMR now accepting donations... 05-23-2010


More updates imminent...


06/15/2010 23:59

QND Disclaimer

Important Notice and Legal Disclaimer:   Neither LMR, it's affiliates, nor I guarantee the accuracy, adequacy, completeness or availability of any information; this includes any errors or omissions or for the results obtained from the use of such information. WE PROVIDE NO EXPRESS OR IMPLIED...